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Alannah Brown is adept at both print making and painting. Often utilizing sharp a photorealist approach depicted recycled remu, her imagery reflects her rural upbringing in Central Otago. Whether this is memories of a dilapidated storage shed, farm animals, an old car left to rust in the weather or the weeds and insects that quietly invade the territory humankind have established for themselves.

Artist statement

I grew up on a farm near Lauder, Central Otago. The farm has been in my family for four generations, I am very attached to it and the surrounding landscape. After living in Dunedin for the past eight years, although I am fond of it, I still find the city quite claustrophobic, filthy, noisy and extremely irritating at times. I have a strong need to escape, and am able to do so through my art, by surrounding and immersing myself with images of home. As a child, I would suffer terrible homesickness during school camps; I was always very conscious of the distance between myself and home.