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For Nick, sculpture is the way he best expresses his feelings about the things he really loves. His Greek and Celtic heritage has drawn him to work with fine materials – bronze, marble, copper and totara and dictated that the finished piece has a genuine beauty.

A keen interest in history and the environment, particularly Wellington’s south coast where he lives, has led to exhibitions in many styles and media. These include a marble graveyard for demolished buildings on the lawn of Old St Paul’s, The Windeaters – totara sentinels on Te Raekaihau Point, and kelp-clad cows symbolizing development pressures on the coastal edge.

Nick has exhibited extensively, attended national and international marble sculpture symposia and produced many commissioned works which are held in public and private collections in New Zealand and overseas.

Exhibitions and Commissions

2010               Godwits, South Coast Gallery on Cuba, Wellington
                     Artists as Activists, Group Show, Academy of Fine Arts, Wellington
                     Fish and Falcon, Williams Gallery, with Michael Smither
                     Sculpture @ Miranda, Group Show
2009               Xmas Show, The Artistsroom, Dunedin,
                     Terns ,Williams Gallery, Petone
                     Tern, Riverlore Gallery, Blenheim
                     Studio Open Day, Group Show
                     Sculpture @ Miranda, Group Show
2008               Sculpture on Shore, Spinners (steel fish tower) and Darters (copper birds)
                     Heading to the Works, Petone Fire Sculpture
                     The Judgement, South Coast Gallery, Wellington (Group Show)
                     Sculpture @ Miranda, Group Show
2007               Shags, Xmas Exhibition, Williams Gallery, Petone (Group Show)
                     Kawau – Here I am, Williams Gallery, Petone (with Michael Smither)
                     Torsos, South Coast Gallery, Wellington
2006               Kelp Cows. McCormack Studio Gallery. Wellington
                     Three multi-media sculptures, China Plas 2006. Shanghai
                     Letting Go. Birds Nest Studio. Kuaotunu, Coromandel (Group Show)
2005               Fifty Stones. Old St. Pauls. Wellington
                     Olympiakos. Birds Nest Studio. Kuaotunu, Coromandel (Group Show)
2004               Ecotrap Kelp Sculpture Installation. Michael McCormack Studio Gallery
                     Windeaters I – V. Birds Nest Studio. Kuaotunu, Coromandel (Group Show)
2003               Windeaters I – V. Te Raekaihau point. Wellington
                     When Seven Worlds Collide. Bashford Gallery. Auckland (Group Show)
                     Classical Coral Rhythms. Birds Nest Studio. Kuaotunu, Coromandel
2002               Marble and Copper Works, Studio, 1 High Street, Island Bay
                     Urban Madonnas. Birds Nest Studio. Kuaotunu, Coromandel (Group Show)
2001               Copper Shags. Kura Ethnic Art Gallery. Taupo and Wellington
                     The Big Apple–Once Bitten. Dellatolas Sculpture Studio. Tinos, Greece                                  (commission)
                     Albatross. United States. (commission)
                     Karearea. Kura Ethnic Art Gallery. Wellington
2000               Pukekos on the Road. Sculptor’s Home Studio. Wellington
                     Urban Madonna. Kura Ethnic Art Gallery. Taupo and Wellington
                     Pacific Madonna, Precious Vessels. Nathan Homestead. Manukau City                         (participant)
                     Bronze Spiral (ongoing). Annual Award for the Marine Sciences Society
1999               Mikinui. Nathan Homestead Vessels and Sculpture. Manukau City (participant)
                     Zen Water Feature. Private Commission. Wellington
                     Marble. Dellatolas Sculpture Studio. Tinos, Greece (Solo)
                     Bronze Figures. Settlement Gallery. Wellington
                     Flaming Bird. International Festival of the Arts (Dance Production)

Marble Sculpture Symposium

2008               Pod, Hamilton Gardens Sculpture Symposium
2007               Bud, Hamilton Gardens Sculpture Symposium
2001               Pacifica, Brazil International Sculpture Symposium, Brusque
2001               Colonista, Montedoro Sculpture Symposium, Sicily, Italy
                     Kahu, Tareitanga Sculpture Symposium, Wellington

Sculpture Awards

2001               Suburban Madonna. Catholic Art Award (Highly Commended). Auckland
1999               Petros and Petra. Finalist. Wallace Art Awards
1999               Pukeko. Winner. Style Pasifika, Wearable Art Awards (with Suzanne Tamaki)