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Catherine Garrett was born and bred in rural West Otago.  Most people familiar with Catherine’s work would know that in past exhibitions, she has shown a strong connection with the landscape.
In her past works she simplified the natural landscape into blocks of colour, but still managed to capture the essence of the place portrayed.  In Garrett’s new still life work her love of the stained glass window and Clarice Cliff ceramics is obvious.  This homage to Clarice Cliff has been long in the making, with Garrett preparing for this show with much research over the last six months.
The mostly self-taught artist, by day frames at The Framer’s Room in Dowling Street,   She has spent most of her working life either framing or working in galleries – she is passionate about her work – as an artist, and a guild recognized framer.
Her biggest inspiration, (although probably not so obvious in her latest collection of still life), comes from William Sutton, Colin Wheeler and Marilynn Webb.
This is her first joint show with North Island artist Philippa Bentley, and Queenstown based Emma Butler.