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Zuna Wright is a Dunedin based artist who has held numerous exhibitions in New Zealand, and Australia over the past two decades.

Born in South Africa.  Zuna attended the Johannesburg School of Art is the late 1950’s where she studied drawing, painting, design and sculpture.  Graduating with honours in 1959, she spent the next ten years working in advertising in both Johannesburg and Capetown, and travelling widely.  Zuna also spent a year teaching design at her old art school.

In 1977 she emigrated to Dunedin with her family and continued work as a graphic designer.

Zuna’s works are modernist, expressive, confident, colourful – and above all sophisticated.  She works with gouache on paper (an opaque form of watercolour, that has some of the same qualities of oil paint - this medium was also favoured by Frances Hodgkins).  The artist describes her own work as “deconstructive, manipulating proportions, movement, stresses and strains, and an element of perspective which provides depth”.