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Nick Eggleston.

Nick is undoubtedly one of The Artist's Rooms' most popular artists.    On more than one occasion Nick's shows have sold out prior to us even getting them on our walls ! .. He is best known for his beautifully portrayed tattooed Bull Terrier's .

Originally from Yorkshire, England, Nick is currently based in Tauranga after relocating to New Zealand in 2006.

 He graduated from Chesterfield College of Art and Design in 1981 with a distinction in Ceramics and membership to The Society of Designer Craftsmen.

As well as New Zealand Nick has exhibited his paintings and ceramics in the UK and the Channel Isles.

He has also been an art tutor for 25 years in adult and youth education.

 “My love of watercolour, as a medium, is very similar to my love of working with ceramics…. There’s an unpredictability to both. You can’t fully control what happens at every stage so you learn to work in partnership.

There’s an alchemy involved with what happens when paint hits wet paper…. Like watching fireworks!

You can’t force it. You can only work with what it gives you.”