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Gemma Campbell is a NZ contemporary represenational artist.  Born in Oamaru in 1983, she was raised in a large, artistic family and her natural aesthetic in art was honed from an early age.

Gemma trained as a graphic designer and illustrator and worked for advertising agencies in both NZ and Australia before returning home to live in oamaru with her husband & two young children.

Self reflection is a recurring theme throughout Campbells work.  Personal thoughts, feelings & memories are important components in her life and work.  With a love of intriguing narratives, Gemma manages to capture a contained, but dramatic moment in time.  This artist's work comes from her love of classical portraiture combined with her own personal experiences and background.  Campbell has a clear appreciation for refined technique that evokes the past whilst delivering a resolutely modern viewpoint. 

A predominantly self-taught artist, Gemma has developed her own unique style.  Her paintings are painstakingly created with many thin layers of paint that reveal an incredible amount of detail and beautiful palette.

"Sometimes I suspect that I view the world differently to others.  My paintings are interpreted differently by each viewer.  I find that very special and don't feel the need to put myself into the experience, but join with them in observation and wonder".