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Ellie Gray was born in Dunedin, and is now living in Christchurch.  She holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts (in painting) from the Dunedin School of Fine Art.

Gray continues her explorations into architectural abstraction with her latest works - which now include works on paper and a beautiful new palette.

The highly geometrical works with exacting precision in every line, manage to appear as both flat, two-dimensional pattern and as a three-dimensonal illusion, propelling forward from the picture plane.  Gray plays a clever game with the eye, unsettling any preconceived ideas of what exactly it is looking at - her clever use of colour adds to "reconstruct the deconstructed residence".


".. having been inspired by the architecture of a domestic residence, I document through photographic images its unique features such as obscure shadows, intriguing shapes & lines.  from here, I explore the idea of architectural abstraction through precise, geometric shapes that record and define the unique features of the chosen architecture.  These paintings are illustrated with vibrant colour palettes to reconstruct the deconstructed residence."