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JO ST BAKER is an awrd winning visual artist.

From 2011 - 2018, Jo was the director of 'St baker Studio + Venue' located in Brisbane's Moreton Bay.

This year (2019) saw Jo returning to her beloved city of Dunedin (NZ), and she has once again set up her studio in the arts quarter of this heritage city. 

She works in various mediums and is a painter, sculptor, carfer and print-maker who is constantly altering her repetoir and consciously pushes her boundaries to interesting places, but her identifiable graphic style is undeniable and extends from her background in graphic design and advertising.

A consistent theme and link to many of Jo's works is the water.  She invokes a strong sense of 'time' and 'place, and almost always has a strong personal narrative underlying each detailed piece.

Jo's more recent works are related to painting and wood-carved fine art. As a print-maker, her love for carving is present - she has developed a technique that has enabled her to explore the very sensual aspects of hand-drawing on timber, that works as large scale 'plates'.  This technique blurs the boundaries of drawing, painting, carving and sculpture, and at the same time pays homage to Jo's exploration and interest of cultural, coastal and spiritual themes and subjects.

She continues to present vibrant works that breathe light and life & fuse Barroque philosophies with contemporary subject matter.


Jo's works can be found in many collections both in NZ and overseas - we are thrilled to be representing Jo in Dunedin.