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Suzanne Lund was born in Christchurch (1970). 

For as long as she can remember Sue has had an interest in painting and drawing - this grew and developed during her high school years.  On leaving school,  her artistic nature took a different turn & Sue began work in a clothing factory which led her to Wellington for two years to complete a clothing & textiles course.  Heading back to Christchurch, Sue spent a further four years working in that industry, before heading back to high school as an adult student to put an art folio together and then apply for art school. 

In 1995, Sue shifted to Dunedin to complete her Bachelor of FIne Arts at the Otago Polytechnic - majoring in painting.  This is where she discovered 'colour' and her love for all things botanical.  At that time, Sue found the idea that "art needed to be political to be relevant" quite perplexing, so rather than dive into her artistic career - she found herself working in and around the industry - in galleries, and framing.  It wasn't until her youngest children started pre-school - and she was 34, that she got back into painting - it was then that she felt she had both the maturity & the confidence to know what she was all about - and just "get on with it all".

Essentially, Sue is interested in colour.  Her 'flowers' were a more practical consideration - flowers are easily accessible and it also meant she could paint from home.

Flowers - and arranging her painting's in oil, on canvas are like a puzzle to Sue - placement  has to be 'solved' .  She treats her painting's like a record - or something to be remembered - for their beauty...  with their black backdrops symbolising the absence of life, but the  importance of ensuring her colour and form are accentuated.