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JANETTE CERVINS' painting practice has always reflected an ongoing love for all things floral.  Janette enjoyed a unique childhood immersed in nature every day.  Cervins' parents family business centred around a flourishing flower nursery & the distinction between home & the nursery was a moving feast of colour, shapes & textures.

Janette successfully completed a Diploma in visual communication, Bachelor of Design (majoring in painting), and a Masters Degree "Flowers in Contemporray Painting" - 2013 at Unitec.

Cervins' layered flora & fauna paintings are created on large scale industrial aluminised surfaces.  She is interested in the juxtaposition between the hard metal surfaces & the way inwhich the paint can be manipulated - allowing images to effortlessly connect & layer themselves.  An illusion of depth is created by the combination of traditional painting & the application of layers of glossy resin.  This process is repeated to accentuate a three dimensional space with some areas intentionally sanded back, resulting in some parts of the artwork being almost 'suspended in space' at varying depths from the surface of the painting - alluding to the pentimento effect achieved by the Old Masters.