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Born & bred in Whakatane, Bay of Plenty, Rod Eales had plenty of access to the things she loved to portray - green space, gorgeous Pohuakawa & rocky coastlines.

After graduating with a Diploma in Fine Arts from Otago Polytechnic, Rod then completed a teaching diploma at Dunedin College of Education - and has since concentrated on both disciplines - art and teaching.

Her teaching career has taken Rod to a variety of Early Childhood centres where she has specialized in children's art and aesthetic development as well as running courses for teachers throughout New Zealand.

She has extended these interests through lecturing in ECE at Otago Polytechnic whilst simultaneously working as a life drawing and painting tutor at University of Otago's Clubs and Societies - and the Dunedin Craft centre.

Painting now for over twenty years, and exhibiting regularly throughout New Zealand, Rod's interests lie in two very different areas: the natural world, and New Zealand 1950's still life table culture.

"I have a particular passion for trees and rocks, which I paint in acrylic onto hardboard, creating slightly surreal images of pathways, canes, cliff faces & sensuous green gardens.  Inherent in these works is a luminous and mysterious quality amplified by the play of contrasting light.  This is generated through a multi-layering process..... My drawing's also show my interest in the natural world, primarily of rock & Macrocarpa.  These are meticulously executed using a 0.1 Staedler ink pen onto Fabriano paper.
These rely on a slow and gradual process of tiny hatching to build up the required depth and variation of tone.  They tend to embrace the more intimate landscape, exploring the strength, isolation and beauty of rock in the NZ landscape."

The still-life painting's denote a time & a place in New Zealand history (1950's).  These painting's represent a distinctively NZ flavour to the ritual of drinking tea in our culture.  They are painted onto Fabriano hotpress paper, and surfaces are built up using the same multi-layering process.

Rod Eales has now made Otago her home, taking enormous inspiration from its rich and varied natural environment..... "on my doorstep there are dramatic cliff faces, stunning sea stacks, rocky outcrops, stands of windswept macrocarpa and spectacular tidal caves... I live in a natural reservoir of beauty & I love it!."