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Michelle Chalklin-Sinclair "Dowling Street"



May & June at The Artist's Room Gallery Dunedin ...



Catherine Garrett

'In Full Colour'









B U I L D 

a joint show featuring some of our fave New Zealand based ceramicists & sculptors - including

Helen Back, Mandy Gargiulo, Katie Gold, Owen Bartlett, Ramon A'Court, Fiona Tunnicliffe,

Phillipa Woods, Elsie Fourie, Kirsty Gardiner, Amy Brennan & Debra Powell



Mandy Gargiulo

Katie Gold 



 Owen Bartlett





Harriet Millar

'Southern Charm'  (solo exhibition)









February 2022



Otepoti Revisited




                                                 Tom Voyce "Road to Tunnel Beach" - oil on canvas 1000 x 800 mm 





SAM FOLEY - Last Light in the Garden

opening Friday 25th February, 2022

This show will continue until the end of March



Sam Foley "Last Light Dunedin Botanical Gardens" - oil on canvas 150 x 110cm



"My new collection is drawn from the labyrinthian pathways that form the upper gardens of Dunedins' Botanic Gardens.  The title "Last Light in the Garden" refers to the mythological expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.  It's a meditation of my feelings on climate crisis anxiety.  Wherever you look, across all forms of media, it appears we are facing the real threat of compounding species extinction and therefore looming expulsion of the human race froom planet Earth.  "Last Light" meaning "last chance" to fix the problem we all face.  A dour topic - yes.  I hope the works are beautiful, but not without an undercurrent of apprehension, this immovable weighted shadow.  Who's to say the end of the world wouldn't be a beautiful cataclysm anyway?"  - Sam Foley.



















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