level one, 2 Dowling Street, Dunedin, New Zealand



11th Birthday Group Show

on now (July, 2015)


featuring a great variety of top New Zealand artists.









Nick Eggleston   (The Artist's Room 11th Birthday Show)


Kirsty Warman (The Artist's Room Gallery - 11th Birthday Show)




Joshua Olley (The Artist's Room 11th Birthday Show) 




also on at The Artist's Room Fine Art Gallery in July ...


Nicki Manthel - Jen Waterson - Brett Rangitaawa














B r i a n  S t r o n g

O c e a n   O d y s s e y - T h e   S t o r y  o f   t h e   S e a






R a c h e l   H i r a b a y a s h i





New in this Month ..

introducing Christian Palmer







Sam Foley - Into the Deep VIII





Introducing UK artist VANESSA FOLEY to The Artist's Room Fine Art Gallery ..


Vanessa Foley - The Guardian (graphite on paper)


Vanessa Foley - Cormorant graphite on paper


Vanessa Foley - South Island Tomtit - graphite on paper




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