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Thank-you for visiting our website. 

Welcome to 2020 and our 16th year of bringing you another full exhibition programme.  


Due to the busy nature of this gallery, we have artworks arrive in - and leave for their new walls almost every day.  Because of this, please be aware  that not all images shown on our site are still available.   Whilst we aim to update our current exhibitions and events - (which change over each month) -  this site gives you just a taste of many of our fine artists' work.  If you wish to know more about  a particular artist, find out what's new or available,  please contact us directly and we'd be happy to talk with you or email required information and images.  

If you can't find a particular artist on this site - please let us know, we still may be able to help you with your enquiries.


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MARCH 2020

opening Saturday 14th March, 2020










February, 2020

TYLER KENNEDY STENT- we were howling.








Opening Saturday 29th February, 2020










'Paeonies' - photograph Michelle Chalklin-Sinclair


We'd like to wish all of our clients a wonderful and safe Christmas, New Year break.

The Artist's Room Fine Art Gallery & The Framers Room framing studio will be closed from 12 noon on the 24th December, 2019...  and re-open Wednesday 8th January, 2020.  January hours are as follows:


Wednesday 8th - Friday 10th Jan (10 am - 3pm)

Monday 13th - Friday 17th Jan (9am - 4pm)

Monday 20 - Friday 24th Jan (9am - 5pm)

Monday 27th - Friday 31st Jan (9am - 5pm)

For enquiries during these times, please feel free to call us on +63 3 474 1111

(outside of these times will be diverted to a cell phone).





Opening November, 2019 - SAM FOLEY 







Karen Baddock - 'vision'























September 2019




Angus Collis alongside Kirsten Lovelock





opening Saturday 21st September, 2019

Sarah Dolby





The Artist's Room Fine Art Gallery - 15th Anniversary Showcase.

this large, comprehensive group show includes a variety of works from a large selection of international artist's .. these include ceramics, pottery, painting, mixed media, drawing. sculpture etc.


Artist's include Sam Foley, Catherine Garrett, Matt Gauldie, Katie Gold, Debra Powell, Owen Bartlett, Steev Peyroux, Jane Crisp, Ellie Gray, Nico Madill, Andy McCready, Jo St Baker, Eddy Stevens, Sue Lund, Johnathon Waters, Tyler Kennedy-Stent, Julie Greig, Donna Demente, Bill Clarke, Sue Scobie, Gemma Campbell, Jonette Murray, Pauline Bellamy, Tony Cribb, Rachel Sutton, Jane Shriffer, Di Conway, Laura Hardie, Ahmez Quince, Michel Tuffery, Simon Lewis-Wards, Al Bell, Rochelle Andrews, Lynley Brownridge, Stephen Martyn Welch, Tessa Barringer, Nick Eggleston, kate Alterio, Elliot Love, Ian Bowmer, Mandy Gargiulo, Kirsten Lovelock, Harriet Millar, Claire Beynon, Debra Powell, Kyla Cresswell, Andrea Cooper ... & more !



Eddy Stevens - 'Human Behaviour 47' oil on canvas 850 x 850 mm





















Jane Crisp







Nick Eggleston ..













Michel Tuffery MNZM

Chapter 1 - Moana nga Manu







Amelia Guild

"Mustering the Muscle"






Opening Saturday 27th April, 2019 ..

JULIE GREIG - The Variety Show








Jane Shriffer  - 'Choose Your Battles'



.. featuring works by Cheryl Oliver (1951 - 2013)





'portrait of an Icon - the Crown Lynn Swan'






On most days at The Artist's Room Fine Art Gallery .. artwork arrives and artwork leaves for its new walls  - some works sell prior to their arrival to us in Dunedin, so it pays to give us a call on +64 3 474 1111 or email me directly

 check out our facebook page or instgram (chalkym)