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Born in 1934, in Christchurch, New Zealand, William’s (Bill’s) artistic talent and drive was evident from an early age. Bill received encouragement to further develop his painting while attending Christchurch Teachers’ College. Jamie Masterton the college art tutor instructed Bill to buy professional art supplies and get serious about his painting. He studied part-time at Canterbury University and also attended the St Martins School of Art in London.

A working member of the Canterbury Society of Arts since 1956, Bill taught art for 30 years. He left teaching in 1987 to devote himself fully to his painting; a decision he has never regretted. Bill has exhibited his work in numerous shows both in New Zealand, and internationally – he has also won a number of awards.

His intimate knowledge of New Zealand is largely due to his extensive travel around the country, but he has particular passion for the high country, around the Southern Alps, and the big skies and dry grasslands of the Canterbury hinterland. Since 1988, Bill has also travelled widely abroad gaining inspiration in Europe, particularly Greece, France, Italy, the UK… and also Scandinavia, USA & Mexico.

He paints in watercolour, oil & acrylic in an impressionistic style. His work is characterised by broad brushstrokes, rough textures and brilliant interplays of light and shadow. He sometimes executes his work from start to finish on location, but produces much of it from sketches inside his studio.

Tutoring art part-time, he is always in demand as a critic and teacher for art groups around the country. Today Bill’s work is highly valued & he is recognised as one of New Zealand’s leading artist’s.