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Diana’s style has evolved over several years, but training and working as a landscape architect has played a significant role in shaping her current style.  The clean precise lines and the attention to composition are both aspects of landscape design that have been assimilated into her painting style. 


 For the current exhibition Diana is using Italian acrylic paints on wood veneer board.  The light wood is American white oak, the darker wood is cherry.  

The grain in the timber has been used as inspiration for the final image.  It remains an integral part of the finished work.  The use of the support as the inspiration for directing the image is not typical in traditional landscape painting where the support is merely something to paint an image on.  By working in this way Diana has added a new dimension and depth to the traditional practice of landscape painting. 

 A protective coating of matt acrylic varnish is applied to all paintings. The wooden frames are cedar. Diana produces all her own boards and canvases, allowing her to create any size or shape she desires. The melding of timber and paint has evolved from Diana’s recent interest and training in furniture making.


When time allows Diana continues to travel and explore, gaining inspiration from the places she visits.  Since the birth of Diana’s daughter Nina in 2006 time spent painting has become even more precious. This makes each completed painting a very well considered and cherished work.