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Rod Eales is a contemporray NZ representational artist.

Having graduated in both fine arts from the Dunedin School of Art, and the Dunedin College of Education, Rod has since persued a dual career in both painting & teaching.

Rod was born into a family where attention to detail both aesthetically and craftsmanship-wise resigned strongly in all aspects of life.  Also from a family of collectors, with an emphasis on NZ heritage and history, Rod has been consistent in her desire to reference NZ still life 'icons' in her paintings.

In this latest series of work, Rod's inspiration has come from her own collection of Crown Lynn swan vases, where she has presented a narrative of Crown Lynn through a series of well-comprise still-lifes.  The images depict the swan's journey from early links with Britain to prized posessions, to abandoned junk, to elegant junk, and to collectible antique.  The narrative also reflects on the relationship of New Zealand to its former colonial power and the steps on the way to becoming a fully-fledged confident modern nation.

Rod has achieved this by adding layers of symbolism and abstraction to her essential representational tableau, making use of simple expedient of the flower.

Rod paints oil on board, having developed her own painstaking and skilful style of creating depth f colour