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Lucy was born & educated in the UK, then travelled extensively before settling in New Zealand about 15 years ago.  Her art education began in the UK and continued in NZ with foundation courses at Whitcliffe, plus completing a two year intensive painting programme with Matthew Browne & Kathryn Stevens.

Lucy is a painter, she works predominantly in oils.  Her work explores the realm we occupy within ourselves - our dreams, our surroundings, and those we share them with.  She is especially interested in people's inner stories and the perceptions and psychological constructs they manufacture for themselves - she often uses animals (living & dead) to represent ideas and feelings and to add individual narratives to each work.

She is influenced by Renaissance and classical painters, and enjoys the beauty and the ways in which even lavish or kitsch themes can mingle with darker ideas to produce something which is both beautiful and meaningful.  She enjoys the creation of beauty as a deliberate opposition  to the current aesthetic 'sterility' which is so evident in much of todays contemporary art scene.

Lucy is also an extremely competent at portraiture and has been in the finals of the Adams Portrait Award (NZ) her work was displayed at the NZ National Portrait Gallery.