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POB: Wellington, New Zealand 31/5/1977

Tertiary level: 1995-1998, Bachelor of Fine Art, Otago School of Art, Dunedin
Bursary level: 1993, Painting (A), Printmaking (A), Art History (B), Graphics
and Design (B), English (B)

Solo Exhibitions:
2008- On the Surface, Whitespace, Dunedin
2008- Passage of a Shadow, Temple Gallery, Dunedin
2007- Sanctum Viridis, Whitespace, Auckland
2006- Green Belt, SoHo Galleries, Sydney, Australia
2005- The Green Belt, Temple Gallery, Dunedin
2004- The Litoral Tourist, SoHo Galleries Sydney
2001- Tracing the Remains, Grantham Galleries, Auckland
2000- New Works, Chiaroscuro Gallery, Auckland
1999- Sanctuary, Chiaroscuro Gallery, Auckland

Group Exhibitions:
2009- Seven, The Artist’s Room, Dunedin
2009- Works On Paper, The Artist’s Room, Dunedin
2009- The Norfolk House Realist Invitational, Dunedin
2008- Petals, Tauranga Art Gallery
2008- Christmas shows at Whitespace, Temple Gallery and The Artists Room
2008- Dunedin 3, Gallery Toi o Tahuna, Queenstown
2008- Land, Sea, Sky, Dickerson Gallery, Melbourne, Australia
2008- The 17th Annual Wallace Art Awards, Travelling Exhibition
2008- Works On Paper, The Artist’s Room, Dunedin
2008- Seven, The Artist’s Room, Dunedin
2008- The Norfolk House Realist Invitational, Dunedin
2007- Christmas shows at Whitespace, Temple Gallery and The Artists Room
2007- Seven, The Artists Room, Dunedin
2007- The Melbourne Affordable Art Show
2007- Reprise, Temple Gallery, Dunedin
2006- Christmas Show, Whitespace, Auckland
2006- Kings College Art Fair, Auckland
2006- Works on Paper, The Artists Room, Dunedin
2006- Parklane Art Awards, Artis Gallery, Auckland
2006- Flax Roots, Ashburton Art Gallery
2006- Large Art, Cleveland Living Arts Centre, Dunedin
2005- Christmas Show, Rosslyn Gallery, Dunedin
2005- Cleveland Art Awards, Dunedin
2005- A Group Show, Dowling St Studios, Dunedin
2005- Large Art, Cleveland Living Arts Centre, Dunedin
2004- Cleveland Art Awards, Dunedin
2004- The Sydney Affordable Art Show
2004- The Melbourne Affordable Art Show
2004- Large Art, Cleveland Living Arts Centre, Dunedin
2003- Cleveland Art Awards, Dunedin
2003- Summer Catalogue, Milford Galleries, Dunedin
2002- Private Art Showing, University College, Dunedin
2002- Cleveland Art Awards, Dunedin
2002- Group Exhibition, Gallery 33, Wanaka
2001- Eight Is Enough, Cite Gallery, Auckland
2001- Miniatures Exhibition, Grantham Galleries
2001- Cite Christmas Sell Out, Cite Gallery, Auckland
2001- Cleveland Art Awards, Dunedin
2001- One Year Later, Cite Gallery, Auckland
2000- Group Exhibition, Cite Gallery, Auckland
1998- Peep Show, a selected preview of fourth year painters, The Temple Gallery, Dunedin
1998- Cleveland Art Awards, Dunedin
1998- Southland Young Contemporaries, Invercargill
Prizes and Awards:
2009- Peoples Choice Award, The Wallace Art Awards, Auckland
2009- Peoples Choice Award, Norfolk House Realist Invitational, Dunedin
2008- Peoples Choice Award, Norfolk House Realist Invitational, Dunedin
2007- Merit Award (1st equal), Parklane Art Awards, Auckland
2006- Highly commended, Park Lane Art Awards, Auckland
2005- The Downie Stewart Peoples Choice Award, Cleveland Art Awards, Dunedin
2003- Peoples Choice Award, Cleveland Art Awards, Dunedin
1998- Merit Award, Oil on Canvas, Southland Young Contemporaries, Invercargill
1994- Excellence in Painting, Excellence in Printmaking, Damlier Club Prize for Best Overall Graphics
and Design Student, Merit in Art History - Logan Park High School

Professional Experience:
2008/9- Co-Director, Whiteroom Design Store, Dunedin
2007- 10 week research and development trip to Britain/Europe
2005/07- Technical Assistant, Dunedin Public Art Gallery
2003- Invitational Judge, Salmon Hall Art Competition
2001- Gallery Director, Cite Gallery, Ponsonby Rd, Auckland
2001- Artist in Residence, Puzzling World, Wanaka
2000- Formative member of CITE Artists Collective, Ponsonby, Auckland
1998- Visiting Artist, Logan Park High School, Dunedin
1994- Art Department Technician, LPHS

The ASB Bank, Auckland
Dunedin International Airport
Historic Places Trust of New South Wales, Australia
The Wallace Trust, Auckland
Central Library, University of Otago
University of Otago Office, Auckland
University College, University of Otago
Salmon Hall, University of Otago
Knox College, University of Otago

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Tiefschwarz - from the Tiergarten to the Schwarzwald

Dunedin artist Sam Foley reveals the hidden secrets of Germany's fabled Black Forest this weekend.``Tiefschwarz - from the Tiergarten to the Schwarzwald''  features more than a dozen works painted  during a five month stint in Shoneberg, Berlin, this year. ``Berlin is a very vibrant, creative city; with many artists, musicians and other creatives living there. Kind of like Dunedin, but on a much larger scale,'' Foley said this week. ``It's still one of the cheaper places to live in Northern Europe, too.'' The exhibition includes a dozen small acrylic studies on paper of central Berlin park Tiergarten and four oils of Alpine der Scharzwald (The Black Forest). ``The Black Forest has long held a fascination for me, from hearing tales when I was a child,'' Foley said. ``I have always wanted to visit this area. Having been a painter of forest-scapes for many years, this was `the' place to visit.'' However, he was surprised at what he discovered in the Black Forest. ``The incongruity of what one imagines the place to be like, and what one finds on arrival, can be hard to assess. What struck me was the steepness of the land on which the majority of forest lies, as all arable land is used for farming,'' he said. ``The irony of coming across a stand of untouched beech forest was not lost on me either, inspiring two from the four works in this series. Have I really travelled half way around the world to find something so reminiscent of the South Island beech forest found back home in New Zealand? So it would seem.'' ``Tiefschwarz - from the Tiergarten to the Schwarzwald'' opens at the Artist's Room at midday on Saturday and runs till November 3.