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Emma Milburn was born in Christchurch, 1968, she was educated at Canterbury University, gaining a BA in geography, psychology & NZ Literature before attending the Otago Polytechnic School of Fine Art in 1990. She returned to University – this time Otago to study anthropology and maoritanga part-time from 1992 – 1994, whilst at the same time beginning to exhibit her work – as well as pursue a career as a chef!!!.

Her artistic influences come from the environment – social, cultural and physical – and issues pertaining to this using both dreamlike and everyday imagery and iconography, because all icons have meanings.

Emma on top of all of this - has been a musician for the last 15 years, she has played in bands, writes music, plays the guitar and sings – in many of her works she tries to find a connection between art and music…. Space, time and repetition.